Bell-Fruit Games, based in Nottingham, is one of the longest standing manufacturers of gaming machines in the UK, with a track record of more than 50 years in the business. The origins of the company can be traced back to the early 40s in the US, but the story of Bell-Fruit’s rise to prominence in the UK began in 1963 when the ‘Robin Hood’ one-armed bandit was the first machine to roll off the firm’s Leen Gate production line.


The company has built up an enviable reputation as a pioneer in the Amusement with Prize sector and has enjoyed unrivalled success in the design and manufacture of analogue and digital products. A total machine production of 188,000 units over the last 10 years tells its own story. And, through its ongoing relationship with multiplatform entertainment provider Endemol UK, it has sparked a gaming phenomenon with the highly lucrative DEAL OR NO DEAL licence. To date, the Bell-Fruit Games factory has produced more than 100 models bearing the most popular brand of its kind in modern times.


Bell-Fruit Games, working alongside well-known in-house brand QPS Interactive, now commands the biggest presence in the UK single site business and is a leading producer of the highest quality gaming product in the AGC, FEC and bingo sectors. Additionally, it holds a reputation as a manufacturer that can apply its talents in many other areas including the production of amusement and novelty equipment.


Looking to the future, Bell-Fruit Games is perfectly positioned to further strengthen its status as the premium producer of the finest gaming and amusement equipment in the UK. The brand values and heritage garnered over more than half a century have formed a rock-solid foundation upon which it can build for the future. One thing’s for certain, Bell-Fruit Games’ reputation as a centre of gaming machine excellence will ensure that the famous ‘three-bells’ logo will continue to resonate positively at home in the UK and around the world.


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