Gamestec continues to enjoy unrivalled status as the UK’s largest and most influential operator of pay-to-play amusement and gaming machines. And it does so in a business environment that is as challenging and demanding as it is fast-paced and laced with innovation. The UK operating arena is not a place for the faint of heart or for shrinking violets!


The numbers speak for themselves - Gamestec is responsible for supplying and servicing more than 35,000 machines across 10,500 locations across the UK. To consistently maintain that staggering record, it draws on the expertise and dedication of more than 700 employees and the best operational brains in the business.


Gamestec’s peerless proficiency spans a broad spectrum of market sectors, serving companies large and small ranging from national chains to local independents. Key areas of operation include pubs, bars, licensed betting offices, pool halls, motorway service stations, members clubs, bingo halls, cinemas, bowling alleys, adult gaming centres and family entertainment centres. Specialising in gaming machines, Gamestec is renowned for products like iPub and a full range of analogue and digital games. At any one time, the company can have circa 30 different Category C models on test.


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